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About Flames Of Salvation


Flames of Salvation is an active "casual-core" raiding guild founded in 2007. We're a friendly group of players with a laid-back attitude, but we know how to focus and work hard when it's time to raid.

Flames of Salvation is always recruiting intelligent and friendly players to join our team and work towards our goals. We always expect to be one of the best horde raid guilds on our server and a good reputation within our community. There is some churn within our teams so we have room for new raiders on a regular basis. Flasks, food, repairs, gems and enchants are provided by the guild.

Progress Current As of 10/17/16

Raid leader- Drolltoo
Team D -  Friday and Monday 7:15p-10:30p
Emerald Nightmare--Normal 7/7--Heroic 5/7


All raid times are for CST unless otherwise noted .


1) Be on time every time. There are 24 other people that are going to be sitting around  waiting for you. Habitual tardiness/absences are grounds for permanant removal and replacement. Please communicate prior arrangements with your raid leader. If your circumstances were dire and you were unable to communicate your absence/lateness then the raid leader will review the case and get back with you.

2) Come prepared. Please make sure you are fully repaired and you have readup about and /or watched videos of the encounters we will engage during that raid time unless you are quite familiar with them.

3) Please refrain from whisper wars during encounters. They are distracting and unproductive. If you have a problem or suggestion you can type it in raid chat.

4) Remain quiet in vent unless you are calling out a death, cooldown or a necessary mechanic. We need to keep vent clear for instructions, stratagies and alerts from the raid leader.

5) Master looter always loots first. Please do not hold up loot distribution by clicking on chests etc..

6) Save AFK's for designated times. We usually have 2 scheduled breaks during the raid. Please take care of drink, snacks and bio's before the scheduled raid time.

7) A little kindness goes a long way so play nice! 

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